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Any time you browse Craigslist, you usually know you’re going to see a lot of random listings for appliances, cars more broken than their owners let on and endless job opportunities. But for four women, it gave them the chance to create a red-hot music act.

And, when Dollface is in town, you know you’re in for a treat. This all-female band featuring lead singer Tiffany Martin, lead guitarist Shirin Siavashi, bassist Crystal Mesina and Misai Fujita on drums makes it clear from the first song that their energetic show is worth being around for.

Tiffany Martin of Dollface

Tiffany Martin of Dollface

Regardless of age, Dollface has a little of something for everyone in their shows. On any given night, you can hear them cover hits from Billy Idol or The Go-Go’s to Lady Gaga or DJ Khaled.

“We’re a variety,” says the band’s front woman, Martin. “I would say there’s something for everyone in our show. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you will know at least half the music. I think that’s really unique about us.”

On the night we spoke with them, they kicked off their show at our casino with a cover of Journey‘s “Separate Ways,” a personal favorite of Martin and Siavashi. Immediately, they had members of the crowd on the dance floor.

It was Martin who originally got the band together. After leaving her former bandmates in her native Florida, she decided to put together a new band in her new home of Las Vegas. Through the power of Craigslist, the band was formed.

The first to answer her ad was Mesina. With the band needing a drummer, Mesina just happened to know Fujita and brought her into the fold. Finally, they added Swedish-born Siavashi, who was just out of music school in California.

Shirin Siavashi of Dollface

Shirin Siavashi of Dollface

Being based in Las Vegas, the group has become regulars in the casino scene there. That hasn’t stopped them from making their presence known from Washington to Florida.

While touring around the country, the band does like to take in the sights. They always make it a point to visit the main tourist attractions. Some of their favorites include Pike Place Market and the Ghost Tours in Seattle, New York City and the Boston Harbor.

Dollface has been coming to Club Galaxy at Muckleshoot Casino for shows since 2013.

“This stage, it’s definitely in the top three places that we play for sure,” says Martin. “Honestly, it’s this audience. This audience is absolutely nuts and we laugh more on stage here than we do anywhere in Vegas. They’re funny, they’re crazy.”

“Yeah, they do their thing and they’re themselves,” says Mesina. “It’s completely different from like, the crowds you get in Las Vegas. Here, it’s just so many different characters that just really pop.”

Crystal Mesina of Dollface

Crystal Mesina of Dollface

The group loves keeping in touch with some of the diehard fans they’ve made here in Auburn, Washington and across the country, regularly answering emails when they have upcoming shows.

“They just keep coming, too, so we always recognize them,” Fujita says.

While Dollface is a versatile band in regard to the songs they play, they do still have their favorites. Martin says she loves the 80s songs. Siavashi prefers rocking out to 70s music. Mesina says she enjoys disco music, though her favorite song is “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne. And, Fujita loves everything (except for Green Day’s “Basket Case“), but mostly drumming out to 80s jams. Though they tend to enjoy the older eras of music, that hasn’t stopped them from wowing crowds with contemporary music.

Misai Fujita of Dollface

Misai Fujita of Dollface

“I actually like singing ‘All I Do is Win‘,” says Martin. “I feel like that rap is so hard and people are like ‘where did that come from?'”

“We all like watching Tiffany perform,” Mesina says. “It’s a plus. Sometimes we’re just like ‘What? What is she doing right now?’ and then she amps us up. She makes it a good band to be in.”

Their friendship exudes throughout their performances and helps them put on shows that always please their crowds. It has made them mainstays in the entertainment lineup at Club Galaxy and they appreciate that just as much as their fans.

Dollface performs regularly at Club Galaxy in Muckleshoot Casino. Their next performances will be May 11-12, 2018. Muckleshoot Casino is located in Auburn, Washington, a 45-minute drive from Seattle. Live outside Washington state? See where they may be performing near you at wearedollface.com