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Muckleshoot Casino is getting something new and shiny with a lot of lights. No, it isn’t a new game (well, we will keep getting those, too), it’s our newest dining outlet which will look like a vehicle. More specifically, it will look like a street truck. Make that, the Street Truck.

If rolling a food truck into the middle of the casino sounds like a crazy idea to you, you’re right. That’s why it will be built from the ground up amongst the machines.

“We always wanted to do a food truck,” says Muckleshoot Casino’s Director of Food and Beverage Jeffrey Stern. “I actually wanted to roll in a real truck, but then you have to drain all of the oil and gas. It’s a little bit more precarious.”

Before we welcome the new, we must speak of the outgoing. This addition will mark the end of The Wrap as the Street Truck will be “parked” in its place. The Wrap officially closes at midnight on July 4.

The Wrap, Muckleshoot Casino in Auburn, WA

Originally, The Wrap was created to fill the void of restaurants in its corner of the casino.

If you were a fan of The Wrap, you will still find some of your favorites at the kiosk next to the Sweet Shoppe during the same hours you visited its previous location.

Beyond the fact that the Street Truck is in a building, it will likely catch your eye with its flamboyant, hotrod design.

“I wanted a retro, 1970s hotrod. So, that’s the shape and the wheels,” Stern continues. “The design is inspired by actual petroglyphs created by the Salish peoples.”

Street Truck at Muckleshoot Casino

The menu will be different from elsewhere in the casino. An emphasis will be placed on handheld foods.

“The Wrap was pretty standard,” said Room Chef Jerome Staley. “That’s why I didn’t want the Street Truck to be just a taco truck. We’ll have the freedom to go with Korean fusion, Japanese fusion, Hawaiian fusion, Mexican. We can go wherever we want with this.”

You’ll be able to find tacos, burritos and Cubano sandwiches at the Street Truck upon its launch.

Street Truck at Muckleshoot Casino

Another staple of the truck, when it opens, will be its macaroni bar. Not only will you receive your macaroni and cheese, you’ll be able to choose from a myriad of toppings such as bacon bits, seasoned beef and chicken, Andouille sausage, crushed Cheetos (yep, you read that right) and more.

“The best thing about this is that it’s going to evolve,” states Stern. “We’re going to open it one way, and then we’re really going to keep the menu fluid, so guests will always find something new.”

Monthly specials will be varied and will stem from various cultures and locales. Expect to see Asian, Hispanic, Greek and many other types of cuisine on the menu over time.

“I like writing recipes. I like creating, so it gives you that creative flow,” says Staley when asked why he was excited about this project. “At food trucks now, people have to be very passionate to do them. It presents a lot of freedom for chefs.”

The Street Truck is slated to open later this month. Be on the lookout for its first special in August.