Table Games

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Group of people playing table games

Muckleshoot Casino offers endless gaming action! Try your hand at any of our table games, ranging from classics to the latest and greatest, with betting limits up to $500! We also offer the largest smoke-free table games area in the state. Explore the exciting games we offer below.




Often referred to as "21," this is one of the most classic games on the casino floor. All of our blackjack games, with the exception of Super Fun 21, feature 8-deck shoes. We offer five different variations to choose from:



Lucky Ladies

Lucky Ladies is regular blackjack! You can wager on the Lucky Ladies bet and have the chance to win big! If you are just starting out, try our $1 minimum game in our smoke-free casino. 


Spanish 21

Spanish 21 is a popular blackjack-based game with two exciting optional "match the dealer" wagers. On the "match the dealer UP" wager, if one or both of your first two cards match the dealer's "up" card, you win. On the "match the dealer DOWN" wager, if one or both of your first two cards match the dealer's "down" card, you win. 


Lucky Stiff Blackjack

Tired of always getting those "stiff" hands when you play blackjack? We have your answer with Lucky Stiff Blackjack, an exciting new optional wager. It's played just like classic blackjack, but with an optional secondary wager to cover those pesky "stiff" hands.






WPT Heads Up Hold'em

WPT Heads Up Hold'em has you playing your best five-card hand against the dealer. You may get paid - even if the dealer wins! - with the Bad Beat payout.



High Card Flush

With High Card Flush, all you are looking for are flushes and straight flushes. Play against the dealer and the more cards you have of the same suit, the more you win!




EZ Baccarat

A game that has been played around the world for over 200 years, Baccarat is fun, exciting and - with EZ Baccarat - simple, too. Bet on either the banker or player and the closest to "9" wins!  With EZ Baccarat, the same rules of regular Baccarat apply, but with no commission. You can also bet on three optional bets: Tie, Panda and Dragon.





Roulette is a fast-paced and exciting game. Bet on one number, bet on 38 numbers or bet on combinations of them all!  




Bonus Craps

With numerous ways to bet, craps offers many options for every skill level. At Muckleshoot Casino, you'll also find Bonus Craps, an optional bet that could pay big! If all of the numbers are rolled, you are in the money! 





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