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Fresh Brewed Goodness


Need a quick pick-me-up to start your day or keep you going in the afternoon? Make your way to Kupi, the Whulshootseed word for coffee, where our skilled baristas are waiting to craft you the perfect cup of freshly brewed goodness!

Whether it’s the smooth and velvety texture of a latte, the bold and rich flavor of a cappuccino, or the indulgent combination of chocolate and espresso in a mocha, Kupi is the place to be. 


At Kupi, we understand a great cup of coffee or a delightful beverage can be just the thing to brighten your day and uplift your spirits. Enjoy classic coffee favorites, non-caffeinated delights, blended frappes, or refreshing smoothies. Stop by and let us treat you to the perfect cup of pick-me-up today!


Hours of Operation:

Sunday - Thursday

6am - 10pm


Friday and Saturday

6am - 1am


Hot Breakfast

6am - 11am